Award Winning PlasmaCars Delight

Santa brought awesome wheels down the chimney.  My 3 and 4 year old kids absolutely loved discovering these shiny new PlasmaCars beneath the tree and my 8 year old the joy of skateboarding.  Of course, the joy of riding them around the nearby empty parking lot ranked even higher than unwrapping them and I enjoyed the fact that there were no batteries or crazy tools required (only a rubber mallet and screwdriver).

My kids enjoying the new PlasmaCars

My kids enjoying the new PlasmaCars

This award-winning toy is a hot ticket anytime of the year.  It is equally at home indoors on hard wood floors or outside on paved surfaces.  I don’t have enough room in my house for them to ride, but I’ve seen kids in other houses making laps through rooms.  What I do have is a nice big concrete patio and the kids race each other before dinner on weeknights.

It isn’t the cheapest toy, but compared to the copious electronic devices that keep kids sedentary, it is a bargain.  And, because they are so sturdy (holding over 200lbs) they will last long enough to be featured in a future garage sale.  Speaking of which, keep your eyes open and you might find a gently used one for your favorite preschooler.

The blue PlasmaCar pictured below is a hotlink that will take you directly to Amazon if you’d like to get one for yourself.  Or, keep an eye out for a one-owner looking fa local garage sale near you.

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