The Hero’s Journey—Applying the Epic to Your Career

As a student of history, I’ve often perceived my own life in the form of a hero’s journey.  This post, The Hero’s Journey—Applying the Epic to Your Career by Jason Diamond Arnold, applies that theme to our work lives.

It is hard to separate our work lives from our lives, but perhaps until we are in work that truly engages our passions we sort of ramble through life learning our lessons.

I watched a CNBC special about Colonel Harland Sanders last night.  He had a rough start as a kid growing up in Kentucky and undertook many roles including entrepreneur.  But, it wasn’t until he was 65 (and broke) that he began pursuing the endeavor he is best known for now.  He took his unique fried chicken recipe and cooking style on the road to convince restauranteurs around the country to buy his recipe and cooking style.  The rest is history.

This inspires me to continue looking for my recipe, too.